Okay, so the rest of the 1/5/2011 tournaments turned out to be okay as I was able to cash in 2 of the last 4 tournaments in the day...good thing b/c the first two tourneys gave me some pretty big NEGATIVE points to overcome.  Somehow managed to get positive on the day...

1/1/2011     6 tournaments     +155.40 points     (A-)
1/4/2011     6 tournaments        -43.21 points     (F )
1/5/2011     6 tournaments       +36.86 points     (C )

I had a losing streak of 5 NEGATIVE point tournaments in a row...accounting for -62.31 points.  Currently in 136th postion after falling to as low as ~296th.  I'm going back to my conservative strategy where I will try my hardest not to be busting out b/f the 1st break.  The points might be NEGATIVE at that point, but at least they will not STING as bad.

Good luck and don't let a losing streak get you down...hopefully this is behind me.