Finally back home and I was excited to catch up on some PSO tourneys and get closer to the top.  I found myself in 33rd position and I thought that was pretty good as I had to miss two days of play.  I played all 6 tournaments on 1/4/2011 and had pretty much my worst showing ever.  Only had one finish w/ positive points, no cashes and dug myself a big hole.  This fabulous day was good for a total of NEGATIVE 45.56 points...a big dissapointement and a lot different from the +171.57 points I gathered up from the very first day of play.

On the 5th, so far I have played two tournaments and my horrendous losing streak continues.  In the first tournament I was knocked out w/ in the first 5 mins or of the players was going all-in every hand and I know he wasn't going to last very long, but he kept taking players out left and right.  I think I saw him take out about 4 people.  It was crazy...his J,7 off was taking out A,K.  I wanted my crack at him and I soon got my chance w/ pocket 8's.  He pushed all-in as usual, w/ K,8 of spades...flop comes up, he hits his K and I become the 5th victim of the donkey.  Oh boy...that sucked...2 out of 3 times that pot is mine, but not this time :wink:   That hurt a lot b/c it was very close to the begining of the tourney...I might be staring at a big negative number here.  The 2nd tourney was very frustrating as well, I was patiently waiting to see a flop.  People again were constantly moving all-in and it was hard to see a flop unless you were willing to risk all your chips.  Every time I had a nice starting hand, I put in a few chips, then someone moves all-in, I fold and before long my stack was looking small and I haven't even seen a flop.  I felt like I had to make a stand of the donkeys had a lot of chips and kept pushing all-in the last time w/ K,J off.  This time I was going to give it a shot, so I go all-in A,10 off...not the greatest, but I need some chips if I'm giong to move on.  He shows A,K off...I'm dominated...another tourney down some more negative points. Ouch!

I should make a rule of not going all-in until after at least the 1st break and stick to it.  My worst finish of Nov happened on the very first hand.  I get AA, go all-in, two people follow me and one guy w/ QQ cracks my AA's.  At least it wasn't 4,2 suited...hahaha

I gues this is part of the game, but it sure feels like if I'm the favorite, people always find some way to take me out.  Then when I'm the underdog, I never catch a break.  I'm sure everyone feels the same way...right?

How come those donkey's rack up so many chips at the begining w/ their all-ins?  You'd think that they would learn their lesson when they run into some real hands and get spanked, but I don't see the crazy all-in play at the begining going away.  We'll just have to be patient and use them to double up once we get the monster's--hopefully they won't get cracked.

Good luck to all, someone please take out a donkey or two :wink: