Okay, so I played all 6 PSO tourneys on the 1st of January--which pretty much takes up the entire day--15 hours of poker...I'm still in Africa so the time zone is different, I started at 4pm and stayed up all night playing until about 7am in the morning.  It was exhausting and fun!

The drama started right from the very begining as soon as the 1st tournament started the payout structure was changed so only the top 4 players were getting paid.  Nobody knew these changes were coming.  Everyone was confused on what was going to happen w/ the point system, or if this was some kind of mistake.  The forums were littered w/ questions and comments about the new system.  I was upset, as this was going to be my first full month and I didn't know how to adjust my strategy.  Eventually, the admin made some posts to the forum and said it was a mistake and he wasn't sure what they were going to do w/ the 1st two tournaments--there was some speculation that the results would be tossed.

My first day went very well...I'm not sure exactly where I ened up yet b/c they still haven't posted an up to date ranking, but after the first 3 tournaments I find myself in 33 position w/ a 1563.32 rating.  Unfortunately, I need to travel for the next two days...so I squeezed out one tourney today and then I won't get a chance to play again for 2 whole days...not until the 4th of January

January 1st Results

181 out of 1012
21 out of 1535
715 out of 1501
52 out of 1669
151 out of 1679
47 out of 1549

January 2nd Results

151 out of 1101

I ended up ITM in 4 out of the 6 tournaments and only had one result w/ negative points.  That should've put me in a solid position after the first day--I just don't know where I will be until the update the rankings.

Good luck and see you at the tables in a few days!