I'm very angry w/ myslef for just recently discovering the PSO leauge--what a superb idea!  I absolutely love it and although I have only been playing for 1 week I can already feel my game improving.  This leauge allows a person w/ little or no resources an excellent and cost effective way to get a lot of table time.  Additionally, its not like many of the freerolls out there where anyone w/ two cards in their hand pushes all their chips in...makes it hard to get "real" practice in those games--they just aren't realistic.

I wish there was another week left in Decemeber b/c I'd really like to see how high I can get my rating up...but in a week's time I'm already in the Top 600 so I can't complain.  I've been doing some experimenting and have had to deal w/ a poor internet connection--but soon I'll be back from Africa.

As long as work and travel don't interfer too much I am planning on making a real run for the leader boards in January.  Goal: Top 100

Great Job PokerStars!