So I played my first semi-serious month of PSO leaderboard games. I can't be the only one who notices the crazy all-in play for the first 10 minutes.  It just doesn't seem very much like real poker, and more like bingo, so it doesn't do much for skill improvement.


     Many games I would not play a hand for over 20 minutes.  Getting to see a flop for less than 30% of your chips is rare, and not having to commit 100% of your chips after the flop is even rarer (for the first 25% of tournament).

     Another thing about these games and the leaders on the board is, when do they sleep? How are some people playing every game many days. 

Even a jobless bum like me misses 1 or 2 a day, because I sleep. 

Are there people or groups who share accounts - is this even allowed?

     My average was around 14 points per game, which is pretty good I guess. Getting top 400 in 3 for a big bang ticket will take some luck/time I think. 


 I didn't earn 20 VPP last month so this month I'll be playing just to try for a Big bang top400x3.

I might try next month if I get the 20VPP, any advice on playing 6 games a day is WELCOMED below 

Maybe call Walter White?