Well, the results are in and I have placed in the top ten in both NAPL leagues. I placed 10th overall in the rookie division with a total of 145 points for a bonus of $15. Also, I finished 3rd overall in the Senior division with 234 points for a bonus of $160.

I must say, I did feel all month I was going to do well in both leagues. However, I accomplished even more than I had hoped, but just short of my goal… NUMBER 1!

I have noticed more and more PSOers on the NAPL felt as well. I must give a shout out to two of them in particular.

Firstly, dovirg. He was a threat all month in both divisions. He finished just above me, in 9th, in the Canadian rookie division and 5th, 2 behind me, in the senior division.

Secondly, xylophone68. She topped the Canadian rookie division last month and finished directly behind me, in 11th, this month. She also had a strong showing in the senior division, placing 39th overall. Some of you have figured it out, some not, but xylophone68 is also my GF.

I am not going to be playing in the rookie this month as I am busy after work with putting all my ducks in a row for the start of my own business. I will, however, try to play as many of the senior tourneys as I can.

Until next time,