I had a great evening in the NAPL (North American Poker League).

I have had reasonable success in the NAPL since I was introduced a couple months ago and won the first $10 + $1 (no longer available) 100+ person senior tourney I entered for $322. I feel I am always in contention for some month end bonus money and I seem to win more than I lose through the month as well.

Last evening out of 1440 entrants I bubbled the final table, 10th, in the Canadian Rookie event and finished 4th out of 730 entrants in the NAPL Senior event. Not a bad outing at all!

My standing in the rookie at the moment is 35th with 90 points and I feel have a good chance to make at least a top 20 this month. In the senior division I am currently 6th with a total of 179 points. The top 8 people in the senior are separated by only 37 points and I am only behind the leader by 27.

I have to give credit to the PSO for teaching me the patience to weather the early shove monkeys and weak drawing donkeys. Also, this new found patience has gotten me from 22-30% flops seen with 50% win at showdown to 14-18% flops seen with 65-80% win at showdown. This is accomplished without sacrificing my wins without showdown and actually giving that stat a boost because of my improved table image.

Wish me luck in working toward the top and representing the PSO and good luck to all PSOers that are playing and working hard in all the NAPL divisions.

Until next time,