Everyone asks, “What is (s)he holding?”.  I am here to ask, “What is (s)he folding?”.

We’ve all been playing against, and complaining about, the PSO shove monkeys, flop-chasing fishes and all around fearless donkeys. You know the ones, 9c 4d shove pre-flop or 7h 8s with flop of 9c Jh 2d and chase-call any bet attempting to spike the Ten on the river.

Recently, I’ve been witness to several mountain goat-esque, head ramming, machismo-clashing donk on donk slug fests such as this;
BB is $20 and Donk-1 holds 94o and raises to $100 Donk-2 hold 94s and re-raises to $340 to which Donk-1 pushes allin and Donk-2 calls. The hand plays out as expected after that and they split the pot.
Next hand starts and both Donk-1 and Donk-2 proceed to fold with no previous raise and only the $20 BB to call (or raise).

This game is hard enough when you have to calculate mathematical odds, get a read on other people, take acting classes to mislead others so they cannot read you and most of all, put other players on a hand in order to play your hand accordingly and calculate your odds… EVERY HAND.

Now I have to not only contend with all this, but deal with that nagging question in my mind… “What the heck did they fold!?”.

Until next time,