I am still kinda new at poker, because I started playing it online just a month ago. We used to play it with friends sometimes, sometimes I lost, sometimes won, but more I lost xD. And then, I decided to try out online poker, because my roommates play it as does my brother. And here's how it went: I registered in some free roll tourney (I think it was Juno invitational) and played. And guess what - I took the 3rd place of about 2k players and won 55$. LOL xD. Of course, I started thinking, "Man, I must be good at this". And started playing real money. At first I went up to 60$, then started going down. 45$, 40, 35, 30, 40, 25, 20, 15, 20, 10, and....... now I have one cent in my account xDD There were 3 cents, because I won them in PSO Skill League tourney. You know what, I'm really happy that I found this place to play, you can really learn here. The playing is really interesting and players are more willing to share how they played some hand etc. If I haven't found it here, I would have started thinking of leaving or I would have made a deposit, which I don't really wanna do. So, now I'm participating in all those free rolls you can win some $$ or satellite tickets. The highest I got is about 200th of 10k players and other time 200th of 40k players (Daily 90k$). And now I'm hoping to win some $$$ (at least 10$), which I could start using to build my bankroll. If you have any comments, feel free to post. I'd really appreciate if you'd tell me some tips on how to get better )