Hello, hello!

The Baw is back again. Its a new month. New beginnings. new opportunities to make things happen. Last month in November  I was able to finish strong in the Premier getting 4th place in the last tournament of the month. Here was my final hand:

I am happy with the way I played it, and ofcourse would prefer the outcome to have gone my way, but as they say you can't win 'em all, (although I sure have fun trying :lol: ). This was a good game and a good month in this league and congratulations to the 26 players who finished ahead of me for the month, as I managed to scrape out 27th out of 1405 for a prize of $50 for my efforts. TY PSO!

That makes 4 months, 4 consec. cashes in open/premier leagues. And starting my 5th month here in December, I was fortunate enough to come 2nd out of 269 entrants in the first Premier tourney of the month! It was a tough field, and I saw alot of familiar faces, but was able to get past all but one, and so congrats to zorro196 for beating me out on that one. I will show a couple key hands:

This hand was huge, yes it is the best starting hand, but also it held, and gave me a comfortable stack size to play with, late in the tourney. That allowed me to progress to the final table,  where It was 9 handed for a while, I had 11bb then this happened:

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! As you can see this was a BIG hand as it put me into chip lead and allowed me to comfortably play my game and take a good shot at the number one spot. I came close when we got down to heads up, but got a bit unlucky on the last hand here:

LOL so thats back to back tourneys final table, and also getting taken out when I had the best of it (Ax hand vs Qx hand) but got a bit unlucky to not hold up. With that said I got my share of luck to make it this far in these, so I cant complain.

Well that kicks off the start of yet another run of these wonderful pso skill leagues, and tho I cant compete for the top top prize this month (fell short of the 150vpps) I will still give it my best shot, for practice, for perhaps a small-decent bankroll boost, and ofcourse for the Glory. 8)

Until next time guys, stay positive, and best of luck at the tables!