It is Nov. 28th, there are 3 DAYS left in this month's Premier Skill League, and it is safe to say I have turned it around, and have made a high climb in the leaderboards! It was just two weeks ago when I was in the bottom 10 in ranking and was feeling lonely at the bottom. I stayed POSITIVE, and I kept playing my game and yes, It has paid off in leaps and bounds for me at this point.

Since my last blog entry, where I reported about my first final table of the month (4th of 1,997 entrants), to get the ball rolling, I have played 26 tournies and in that block I managed to rack up POSITIVE points in 11 of those matches. I will list the ones that made the biggest impact:

10th of 474 entrants for +76.05 pts
13th of 171 entrants for +42.4 pts
24th of 158 entrants for +22.16 pts
16th of 436 entrants for +63.78 pts
11th of 208 entrants for +51.89 pts
2nd of 177 entrants for +110.21 pts
1st of 134 entrants for +129.32 pts

This is in chronological order so as you can see I am currently running good right now, playing great, and on a personal high as I just recorded my 1st number one finish in these Premier Skill League Tournaments. I am currently sitting comfortably in 31st of 1403 players in the Premier. :lol:

It has been a rollercoaster so far, as I have experienced the highs and lows of tournament play. Through it all, I kept a positive outlook and didn't let the fact that my ranking said I was in the bottom 10 players stop me from bringing all my skills to the table. So my message to poker school players is stay POSITIVE, keep plugging away, learn as much as possible and use all the tools PSO has to offer because they have helped me, and will help any player willing to learn.

Well that's it for now but i will be sure to update you guys in a few days, at the end of the month and let ya'll know how I finish off. My goal is to make it into the top 10, as I feel that would be quite the personal accomplishment. Not alot of time left but It's still a possibility and I will get as many games in as I can to give myself a chance. :-P

Until next time, goodluck at  the tables!!! :wink: