Hey guys it's BaaawwMe again!!!
I'm back like behind your stomach, and in much better moods today. it is now November 16th, 2011 and the reason I am in such good spirits, I finally took a BIG step in the right direction this morning when I played in the first Premier Tourney of the day, and ended up finishing 4th out of 197 entrants!

That brings me out of the bottom 10, (finally) I scored 89.21 for the 4th place finish, jumping me 235 spots and now my rank for this month is:
November- Premier:     1124 out of 1366                                                currently not in the money

Just goes to show that patience and hard work and determination are a great mix, and things can always improve as just yesterday, I felt I was at my rock bottom in terms of poker for the month. LOL

So I usually hit you guys up with a hand of speculation, and I will end this entry short and sweet and show my final hand that I played which eliminated me, and you guys can give me your feedback from there:

Yep pretty much I got outplayed, happens. It was a learning experience, and to get that deep, in any MTT you have to have been getting lucky so I will just count my blessings, learn from it and move forward, optimistic and focused. Only half way through the month, and STILL feeling like we gon get this thing turned around.. One hand at a time! ((= :mrgreen: