I am BawMe. 8)

Hello to all my fellow PSO members, this is my first post of what I am hoping will be many more in the near future. I enjoy playing the game,. and meeting new adveseries and conquering different games and opponents is what I believe I was put on this earth to do.:lol: I feel I am open-minded, and level headed person so feel free to comment, critique or disagree with me or share your views on my game if you ever had the luxury of playing with me or seeing me play, at any time as I feed off of the criticism :-P . I have been in the skill leagues since mid august and here are my rankings so far:

August -            Open :    1966 out of 119393 (only played about half the month)  ITM: $2:50
September -    Open :     99 out of  116627                                                                    ITM: $5.00
October-     Premier:     160 out of  1422                                                                       ITM: $2.00 ($20)
November- Premier:     1346 out of 1357                                                 currently not in the money

So this outlines my current journey in PSO up to this point and I feel like I still have PLENTY of work to do to be where I want to be as a poker player, and in a game of skill, these skill leagues I feel have definately helped me improve thus far.

With that said the one noticeable thing that jumps out at me is how poorly I am doing thus far into November, although I do feel I will turn it around and make a late run for the money, (and another premiere league ticket) if I just stay patient and keep plugging away. Sometimes I find it hard to gauge if I am just playing bad or having a run of bad cards, and vice versa on winning sessions.

which leads me to this hand that pretty much eliminated me earlier today in one of the Premiere tournies:

Now, at this point I feel my cards beats most of his shoving range which would include hands such as (small aces, KQ, QJ, K10, J10s type hands, suited connectors) and and pair 99 or smaller it is essesntially a coin flip. I also knew that If he did have me beat I was a 3 to 1 dog most of the time, but I was willing to gamble at this stage of the tourney with antes coming into play. Also I figured If he had a big PP or big Ace he would raise smaller to get more value and not blow everyone out of the pot. So it was my wrong read there. What made it really tough is that he shoved less than 10 bbs and I only had roughly the same less than 10bbs so I felt his shoving range was wide aswell as my calling range was a bit wider than usual. All in all sometimes I call here and sometimes I will fold and if I was paying more attention I would have realized villain hadn't played a hand in like 3 rounds and so should have stronger holdings here most of the time.

Feel free to give input as i said before on this hand or my overall play in general if you happened to see it before. I will be trying hard to get to the top of that mountain so If you happen to be in my path goodluck to ya :wink: