So this is my series of cash game reports, starting with yesterday.


And yesterday was a day enough to make you want to quit, but need to stay strong and all that.

Played for over 2 hours though, broke my rule on that and need to reign that in for tomorrow.


4 games, 4 busts.

First was an all-in with KK vs AA

Second was a lovely 3 way pot with flush over flush

Third was flopped flush, in on the turn and his two pair rivered a full house

Fourth was just bad play, AK vs AA... likely a bit tilty based on the bad luck earlier in the session (fairly sure the flush over flush was a few minutes before this)


I don't play a nitty game so am not going to be folding when I have a strong holding just because someone is willing to play for a large pot.

Some people argue that you don't want to get it in without the nuts, but it depends on the field and in the 2c stakes, people don't play that way all of the time.

This field is full of people willing to ship it for 88+ and AJ+ so why not take advantage?


Some of these busts I could have found a fold button, I had an opponent telling me I was beat but I feel that whilst I had room to give my opponent more credit, I need to avoid folding just because I am up against a bet.



Tomorrow I intend to tighten up a little, felt towards the end of my session the ranges I was opening with were far too wide and also need to keep my session to 2 hours as commited.


$8.00 down on the start of this weekly run, lets see how tomorrow works out