In short, I am getting a bit underwhelmed by SNGs. It feels like such a grind and will be putting them on hold for a bit. I don't know if I need to re-evaluate my game selection? Perhaps focus on games with more dead money so that the variance amounts to a +$$$ when I do get a result rather than a fairly break-even position I am running now.


So for this week, I am going to focus on cash games and perhaps come back to the SNG games next week depending on my progress. I am also going to stop playing the giveaway games aside from the hyper turbo freeroll, that one is very simple but the HU one is far too late in the night and not happy about waiting around at 1am for a $1 win.


I will be posting my results for cash games here though. Will be looking to 4-table $0.01/$0.02 games.

Although there is benefit to playing for as long as you are doing well, I believe to avoid tilt I need to set minimum and maximums and general rules.

If i double-up at any table, I will come out and go back in, effectivley banking that profit.

If i bust any table, I will not reload, instead focusing on the remaining tables. This gives me a stop-loss of as much as 4x buy-in.

I will play for 2 hours and finish no matter my progress, will close. I find myself playing poker into the wee hours at the moment and the grind is getting too me a little. Poker should be a fun part of your day not take over your life, thankfully I am not there yet but I think unless I find a way to tone down the sheer volume of play, I might start to tilt or worse, not enjoy myself any more.

I will stay at the 2c game for the whole week regardless of progress, even if I made $100 I will stay because I need to be learning the game a lot more and repetition is the best way to do it.


I played some cash over the weekend and did quite well, this combined with my grind resentment for the SNGs (or at least the grinding for little wins) led me to take a look at cash games for awhile and see how that goes. No sense getting stuck in a rutt and if I can make profit in the cash games, all the better.


I am also stopping myself playing any weekend MTTs. They are fun but until at least for this week, I will stick just to cash games.