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Today is about Royal Flushes


I have made two royal flushes in my life, both on Pokerstars. One was a few years ago, and one tonight.


It was a HU game, small $1.50 HU sit and go.

I recorded the hand and thought I might show it. It may not be the best way to play a Royal Flush. When i saw what I had on the river, he bet and I couldn't just "call" to show it to him since calling when you have the nuts is wrong, you have to bet it but it happened so quick I really only gave him a tiny raise to call to see it.

From a gameplay point of view it wasn't best but how often do you see a royal? Had to show!


NOTE: The hand replayer isn't working so this will be shown manually. If you want to look at the hand yourself, the hand # is 159975640711

My cards :

Flop :

>> I hit a straight with a good flush draw, not a big pot so 1/2 pot here is only $40, he calls.

Turn :

>> I did a double take here as at first it just looked like I had a straight flush and then I noticed it was the best straight flush, the royal flush and although i should have continued betting here, this is the scariest board you will ever see. A flush got there, a straight got there, any Ace made trips. If I am 100% honest here, as I said before, with a Royal Flush, the hand that almost never shows its face that unless the hand is the most crucial one... you want to show it to your opponent, its sort of a service

River : 

>> Brick hits, guy decides to bet and there is something in my royal flush or not that says if your opponent bets at you and you have the nuts, you have to raise. It is even a tournament rule for live games because otherwise you would have questions made to you about collusion. At this point I feel like he will have to pay me, even a little bit to see this glorious hand. 

He does and shows - perhaps I get more out of him with his flush but I honestly feel like the hand wanted to be seen and nothing was going to stop that.


So what are the odds of getting a royal flush? 


Crazy right?


... that is not the craziest part.

So i am on about 4-5 tables, constant hands coming out as they do and nothing too strange about that.

Except that within the hour (say 25 minutes or so), on one of my tournament tables, an opponent wins a hand with a royal flush.


Now, i have better things to be doing than making a formula to calculate that by factoring in the number of hands per minute, multiply by my table and then factoring in the chances of seeing vs having a royal flush but am fairly sure that 650k to 1 things happen in a short space of time, the odds against that are very high.


Perhaps the quantum mirror (or whatever they call it) that PS use to calculate had a bit of a glitch and decided that it would pump out more royal flushes than normal.


I guess that with as many hands being played, the odds of there being a Royal Flush within stars on a given night or week is probably quite often, just that its been only 2 I have had within a few years and 4 total that I have seen in my life.


Oh, and i won the headsup game... had to, right?