Last night's and tonights results all together for this one

Currently, have 60 tickets left so will keep following this plan until am through them all. May pick up some challenge tickets along the way so it may be longer than 60



Hyper, out very early, nothing remarkable there

HU, got all the way down to 183rd, so scored the $1 ticket and lasted through 4 games, just couldn't hold on to win the 5th

$1 in the bank



Hyper, the reverse of last night, actually got to 250th to score $1 in the Hyper from a field of around 6500 or so... but it was mental, 5k blinds when the average stack was 20k, 4BB the average so it went by very quick towards the end

HU, out in the first game... ouch. Played too loose and need to tighten for the next

$1 more, making $2 in the bank


So, these game can score a profit. Not everytime but should be able to turn some of the tickets I have into cash.