It was fairly uneventful in the Hyper Giveaway. I finished in an unremarkable, nowhere near the bubble position. I expect a lot more of these than deep runs to be honest and whilst I could double-up on HU games since I typically cash on those better, am happy to run both.

The Heads-Up was a bit better. Started at 4500 or so, this put the remainder from whatever the formula is that pairs people HU shootouts as a "buy" facing an empty chair until it reached 4096, this was my draw so that was nice.

When we reached 4096, I had a player sitting out. This is quite typical since a lot of people register for these ahead of time and either don't understand how they work (thinking it is an all-in freeroll) or think they can glide to the money. In theory, if everytime they faced someone it was another person sitting out and they could avoid a real player all the way to 256 spots, they might cash but typically all this sitting out does is make the game longer since the rest of us have to wait out sitter vs sitter games (assuming there is at least 1) where it is blind trading until the blinds are stack-size and it flips.

We reached 2048 and I had an actual opponent to battle, and I won.
We reached 1024 and won that one to.
Next was 512, won that.
Now at 256, getting closer to actual money now and although I get $1 now no matter what happens, I am only a few more (5 or 6) away from notable money… that didn't matter because out in 183 and scored a $1.00 cash.

I notice that the progress on these is quite dry, win win win bust. Next time I will include a little info about how the HU went, any interesting spots that came up and am sure there will be something to share.

Will be back on these tomorrow, more detail to be included.