Time to catch-up on Giveaways... let these challenge tickets go wasting and to be honest most of the games are a crap shoot, where a $1 cash is your most likely result.



However, $1 adds up when you have 58 of these going spare and some of them are actually expiring over time, I need to start playing.

No, to the all in shootout, 10k fields with 256 ITM, ..... noooooo!

Turbo Zoom might work, but it starts at 17:47 and I am on way home from work

That leaves the Hyper (which I don't mind because it should go quick) and the headsup (since my headsup game is quite good and have actually cashed a few of these.


The Hyper is fairly simple, keep playing until the blinds kill you.

The HU actually is a bit interesting, typically will see 4200-4500 players, since the game needs an even number to begin proper play it will give a "buy" to anyone over around 4100 or so that doesn't pair up. Then it has a good number of sitting out players you can easily push through.

And before you know it, you are at the 256 cash mark.


Will start tonight and post results here, looking like a good month of games to show as well