OK - my Birthday money is going to get a good send off now. Either in a viking burial ship burning bright and floating off into the sea or as a bountiful seed that will ripen into a glorious flower.


Set out to play a series of MTTs tonight, this will be all I play and either I go home crying or I go home rich.

If I bust, I wont be playing any SNGs or other games tonight, its these or nothing.

15:15 - $1.10 pro ko
15:30 - 55c $750 gtd
15:45 - $1.10 $1.5k gtg
16:15 - Hot $5.50
16:25 - 55c bubble rush
16:30 - $2.20 bb
17:00 - $3.30 big
17:15 - $2.20 1.5k gtd
17:30 - 55c bb
18:00 - $1.10 big
18:15 - 55c hot
18:25 - $2.20 bubble rush
18:30 - $3.30 bb

13 games, $24.20 buyin and it will take me from about $135 bankroll to just shy of $110

Regardless of the wins, I am going to get back to the remainder 40 or so games of my 100 game grind on Monday and will have succeeded in having fun with my birthday money. Fun sometimes equals winning but not always and want to approach these games with that attitude so I don't feel like I am playing scared money.


Wish me luck and any deep runs will be posted in my Live Sweat blog. Anything ITM will go in there so feel free to join me. I haven't got the hang of promoting the action on there via Twitter or some such, leave that for another day.


Catch you later!