Starting with a $152 roll this morning and down to $138

Played MTTs, played well (and I did, good spots and patted myself on the back a couple of times too) but luck is there to bite you on the arse from time to time.


So, now I have to contend with the "I am owed" tilt and felt like I was on the cusp of entering one of those today so decided to take a break.

I am sure a lot of us have had one of these happen. You play perfect, you are due a win and the world just wants to give 90/10 spots to your opponents. It is very easy to keep putting money in the machine and playing more and more to balance out the variance but where before you had the skill edge vs luck and lost, now you run the risk of losing your skill edge because there is an element of "tilt" entering into your game.

You take risks you wouldn't normally take, you turn down spots that could have won you chips but you fear the donk bet or bluff shove more than you mightly normally and even if it is only going to affect you a few percent, that few percent might be enough to throw your game into a freefall.


So... as much as I don't think I am tilting, I'd like to be on the safe side of the caution fence right now and take a break until later this afternoon. Get some chores done then come back to the table.


Although I am down and playing these MTTs yesterday/today is contrary to my 100-game plan, I had decided that the $60 I deposited from my birthday funds was "fun money" and although I don't intend to throw it all away in a fit of gambling spewdom, I am not that bothered if I lose some of it since I had decided on taking some shots with it anyway.


Off for my break once the Skill qualifier I am in closes out, will come back anew and fighting for some nice deep runs in the MTTs I will run tonight.