Spin & Go hand... cer-azeeeee
(NOTE: Was just playing a Spin and Go quickly to hit a challenge)


My hand :

Flop comes :

Flop : A full house, pretty easy woot woot, time to get paid. Checked it because unlikely he caught a piece

Turn comes :

Turn : OK, now I have a better full house, weird improvement but I will take it. Again, hard for me to build value here if I come out firing so have to keep him in

River comes :

River : Quads. Haven't seen a hand go Full House, Better Full House, Quads before but there is a first time for everything! He bets and of course I have to raise. My raise looks disproportionate to his bet size but he is min betting so no-way I am going to let him get off without losing some chips here. I bet the pot, expecting he thinks I am trying to play the board and trying to represent AA (for the best full house), another king (which I had) for the 2nd best full house or a nine (which I had) for the absolute nuts with 4 of a kind.

His hand was , so my read was correct, he decided to put me on a bluff against the board and called with nothing.

Not often hands like this come along that just make you sit up in your chair and go "WOW" - sadly, a lot of the times when you get these, it is hard to get paid because it provides a lot of scare for weaker or trash hands and only really ever works if they are prepared to bluff.

Result = Won the match... after that, how could I not?