Live Sweat - October



Wasn't aware until recently that this was an area of the PSO community, as you may know, I quit awhile back and it wasn't there then.

The purpose of this thread is to be a bit more granular about the specific plays, hands and in-game results whilst keeping the more strategic and bankroll building side of things in the blog.

Furthermore, I am looking at tweeting my progress for both the Live Sweat and Blog posts via social media, likely just twitter and facebook, just have to figure out where I left my login details for those since they are probably dusty and cobwebbed

If you enjoy my blog, hopefully, this will be another way you can stay in touch with what I am up to and I welcome any feedback in either a general or game critique fashion.


My goal will be to put up any sweats where I am in the money (so Final Table if playing a SNG or if in an MTT as soon as the bubble burst)

Can't promise to post them all but will do as best I can