### - 45/72 Skill Qualifier game


#55- 14th
#56 - 25th
#57 - 17th
#58 - 25th
#59 - 11th
#60 - 6th ($2.45)
#61 - 13th
#62 - 38th (early KO but had KK, vs AJ vs AQ, AQ had hearts and hti)
#63 - 1st ($12.73)
#64 - 10th
#65 - 7th ($1.43)
#66 - 4th ($5.11)

Startiing Roll = $100.00

Buyin = $69.50
Cash = $69.17
Profit = -$0.33
BR = $99.67


Aside from the early bust that i had and can easily justify, I got deep or shove/fold busted.

There were still a few spots that i bust (#64 and #61 come to mind) where I was calling with a stack to flip against a shove. I avoided quite a few of those but shouldn't have been taking those 20BB vs 15BB shove calls only to be left with 5BB... Realistically unless I had a very good hand, calling is weak...especially if I have 77s or some crap. 

This isn't a slot machine so why take those flip spots when I still have a stack to play flops with good hands? And even then... it always takes a stronger hand to call a shove than it does to make a shove so I shouldn't be calling a shove with the same hand I would make a shove with.

IE, if i can shove with 22+ and perhaps I have 55 when i do, I can't be calling shoves with the same range because I am not in an advantage. Call with TT+ yeah but not 55 or some stuff


Weekend is here and likely I will find some MTTs to play. Have to be realistic and not take too many shots.

Also, I intend to deposit $50 for a deposit bonus of $10 + some tickets with some birthday cash I got my hands on, so my bankroll is going to get a boost but have to be mindful it is not through winnings and can't go too crazy.