Pokerstars gave me 5 x $1 Spin and Win's for my Birthday, isnt that nice?


Only equated to $2 in wins because I was destined to be unlucky on those.


So +$2 PS, thank you


The Grind continues...


### - 40/75 Skill Qualifier game (Had AA vs KK with King on the flop)
#40- 39th
#41 - 35th
#42 - 11th
#43 - 21st
#44 - 23rd
#45 - 14th
#46 - 33th
#47 - 12th
#48 - 18th
#49 - 22nd
#50 - 19th
#51 - 40th
#52 - 9th
#53 - 15th
#54 - 1st ($12.43)

+$2 from birthday Spin & Go

Startiing Roll = $100.00
Buyin = $56.40
Cash = $47.45
Profit = -$6.95
BR = $93.15


So mostly a write off day again today...


Possible leaks in my current game play I noticed could be;

- Calling shoves with AK / TT+

- Playing too loose with a big stack


When i have 35BB and a 15BB stack shoves into me, I feel obliged to call with AK but why? I am flipping most of the time (since a pair shows up here more than Ax does) and do i really need 70BB, in a tournament like this, to do well?


My Final Table skills are probably better than most. When I get to an FT I usually get far, occasionally bust 9-6 seats but not often. 35BB (would be around 5000 chips or so) is plenty to take me to the Final Table and once I am there, I will win --- so why do i need to be flipping when someone else is desperate?

Oh, and I have run into KK and AA often enough with AK!!


So perhaps for the next games I don't call shoves, at least unless I have both good cards AND enough of a stack that if i lose the flip I would be within the 20BB zone.. who knows, all I know is that this isnt the best play and its playing my cards on someone elses term.


And when i have a big stack, I am more willing to make those steal, call 3-bet, c-bet, fold (or worse, c-bet, call, check, fold) moves that turn my big stack into an OK stack.


I think my reasoning is that perhaps i want to bully people (dont need to, the FT is far too close to be having to BUILD a stack) and I dont think i notice when I lose 10BB because I have enough to still have a big stack... 10BB is a lot and its not something to be sniffed at



Both points tie to the same thing, on a 45-man game when it is 2 tables left, the Final Table is so close that although you want to be chip leader and just coast into the top #3 spots, realisticly it does more damage in the long run by forcing those chip up spots and when you don't come out ahead, you have stuck yourself right down at the bottom of the ladder for when the FT comes.


There may be some kind of maths formula to it, I am sure there is, but my contention is that if you are close to the Final Table and have a big stack, you don't need to make stupid decisions. Chip up where there is a good, isolated and low risk spot to do so, steal but dont take it too far and overall get to the top #3 with a good stack not a "i had chip lead but took too many risks so now I am at 10BB in the last few seats" spot


So, not sure if I am explaining this right but think I will tighten the screws since I am too many times getting up a good stack and then willing to throw it away 18 handed... the win I had was actually a patient one where I had a big stack and coasted into #4 seated before I started getting busy.