I do it, I enjoy the game so the occasional "nh" or "lol" is good enough to lighten the mood and this game shouldn't be such a grind that we ignore any table talk just for fear that it could give information to the opponent.


Yes, some table talk is information giving. Such as "folded 44 there" or "I had the Ace" but general chit chat is usually a good thing and keeps you enjoying the game which can feel a little disconnected sometimes.


I would say that one of my big bugbears is iPad chat function. I like to play on my iPad. Sure, I can't plugin my HUD and such other things but I enjoy playing whilst catching some TV and since the game can feel a little grindy, this is a good way to not overplay your hands.

Anyways... I play on iPad and usually have a good 4-5 tables running. The action flips between each table and if you ever want to chat you have to type it out (which takes longer on an ipad than PC) and the second you get a table with action it immediately flips you to that table and its click, click, click - all the time whilst you might be trying to type something.


The only effective way to type is sit out all but that table to do it. And even that table can interrupt it since you cant talk when its your time to bet.


So, if they do find a fix for this, i'd love to see it.



Anyways, back to table talk. I was at the table tonight and some bonehead decided to call me a donkey.

I was tempted to write a scathing "you the donkey and here is why" but i chose to not.


The player was calling me a donkey after a hand where I re-stole his large 3x bet where I had TT and he had KQs which we showed down.

Now, not really anything of note there except that 2 hands before, the very same spot with the same opponent, he again was stealing but i had AKs and he had 77 and I doubleup through him but still left him with a good 25BB or so.


In the first spot, I was around 15BB so it was more a play that it was a re-steal, he shouldn't have called with 77 since I was playing very tight and he had to know my hand range was tight, so sure AK he is flipping but im as likely to have AK as I am to have JJ+ there, or at least better than 7s.

So what riled me was that he was calling me a donkey, as an insult because his emotional, fish brain was thinking "He beat me before, now I beat him, kick him and call him a donkey" but what he didn't understand was that although our positions looked indentical, in fact whilst the hand ranges were further apart for one, for two he was playing a raise/call game out of emotion and gut feel and I was making calculated decisions based on all the factors at play.


...so, I wanted to communicate all of this to him as it rushed through my head, that he was actually the donkey however realized a split second after thinking it that if my point was to call "HIM" a donkey, I would be stating a very well thought out and justified case but the very act of getting into a slanging match with him on the subject would devalue my entire point.


The moral of the story then amongst all this is that, remain professional at the table but still have fun. Most table talk is harmless and doesn't hurt your table position but avoid getting into those spots where you get into arguments with people as regardless of who is right or wrong, the fact that you enter into the argument in the first place reduces any credit you have for being in the right.