Kept to my revised plan for last night, series of 45-man games, no reg later than 10pm and no other games (aside from 1x League Qualifier)



What a night of close shaves

Came to the FT bubble so often. Sure, its great not to bust out straight away but when more than half of my finishes were on the 2nd to last table, that hurts a bit...


Anyways, here is where we were

$100 BR to start


Qualifier - 23rd

#1 - 37th

#2 - 29th

#3 - 16th

#4 - 15th

#5 - 14th

#6 - 44th

#7 - 12th 

#8 - 3rd ($6.75 cash)

#9 - 9th

#10 - 18th

#11 - 12th

#12 - 14th

#13 - 5th ($3.68 cash)


Buyin = $14.10

Cash = $10.43

Profit = -$3.67

BR = $96.33



On the 3rd finish, I was chip leader for almost the entire game, knocked 5 people out in a row with good plays, they just kept coming.

On the Final Table, stayed strong and then 6 handed I got dealt TT, called a shove from opponent who had AQo

Flop came 7-K-K rainbow.

Turn came another King.

.... at this point I am loving it, Full house and only the Ace or Queen can upset me here.


OR ------> the King.

The case king came out, turned the full house into quads and his Ace was kicker.

I wasn't as far ahead as I thought, looked it up and was 83% since he still had Aces and Queens to make a better full house but the King there, my response in table chat was just "beautiful" because it was.

It didn't cripple me by any means but i didn't win and that was probably the funniest beat I have in a long time.




Using some new bet sizing (50% c-bet, larger early stage raise/3bet and larger late game 3bet sizes) and its working out good, my aggression factor is up and I am chipping up better and more consistently through the tournaments (hence a lot more last table wins, often because I am not flipping earlier due to a better early chip up)

Stick with this plan, more games to go till I reach my 100 and although I didn't profit today, Only a $3.67 loss so far is not bad.