Got bored at lunch

Burned through $20 playing cash games. I played the games well enough (was always best going into it, out drawn in all cases)

Not happy there. $20 isnt the MOST money in the world (my day job pays about $150 a day (GBP equivilant) but the way I lost it, playing cash when i said (in my very last blog) that I wouldn't and overall playing a little bit desperate.

I didn't need to play those games and could have stopped easily at the first $5 buy-in loss.


So.. how do I fix this?

First is being honest about it and the reason I am immediately blogging it to put it out there, in the world and hopefuly use it to better correct my behaviour.

Second, new plan... tada


100 x $1.00 games, not playing a single MTT (other than the qualifier x1 each night), or cash or anything and sticking to 45-man games to keep the rules for it really tight.

I will post the results from each of these games in this blog daily. I will play ALL of them before making any changes to my plan. I don't care if I score 10x #1 wins and am $200 bankroll in the first day, I play all of the 100 games until they are all done and then decide what to do after that.


No money goal in place, only goal is to play those games and play them well.


Update tomorrow