Meh, bad weekend

Not so much for results or bankroll (although I am down about $10) but more from my attitude. I threw myself into too many MTTs, spread myself thin and although I did perform well, I wasn't sticking to my own plan.

The fun part about Poker is that we like to take risks and see the reward. Sometimes the reward part only tastes best when the risk part is higher.

After all, if we play TAG we aren't looking at a maths, analytic, best hand only wins type NIT play, we are looking to take chances but this shouldn't spill into our game management.

Those weekend MTTs are tempting, its easy to take a shot or two and feel like you are really "living the dream" but when its over, win or lose you feel like you forced yourself a bit too much.

So, time to get back to the plan.
-No weekday MTTs
-180-man game (last reg 8pm)
-45-man game (last reg 10pm)
-One game of League Qualifier
-$1 games only

The reason I chose last reg is because I have played too many games recently (including last week) where I was jerking myself awake after falling asleep in my chair whilst playing tables. Its not good.

If i say that I want to be asleep by Midnight or thereabouts, I can set a goal to only register up until a certain point, no later. That way I make it to the FT in enough time to get to sleep when I want.

Last night was the worst. Kept falling asleep and having the "its your hand" alert wake me up.. that was until it didn't and I fell asleep just about 11 handed, woke up to being 5 handed and had about 1.5 big blind.

To my luck, I scored a double up, a couple of folds, another double-up, a KO of 4/5 short stack, stuck around a little longer until we were 3 handed and then (with 9BB or so) got it in with an Ax vs Ax fight.

So, in the positive, I woke up just enough time to turn the game into a top #3 win but its not the best and I really shouldn't have registered if I knew I was falling asleep that badly.

Don't fall asleep, you are just handing your chips to your opponents and although there might be some spots you sit out into the money (and in some cases, avoid getting flipped off your chips early), its the worst behaviour for a poker player and its an easy thing to fix.


Onwards and upwards.

I have a goal to get my bankroll from $130 (which it is now) to $200 before the end of the week. I intend to do that with 0 cash games (no point in distracting myself just now), 0 MTTs (at least not during the working week), 0 shots of any kind, just grinding the $1 games within the schedule I laid out.

I will get there, the more I can be honest with my mistakes, the more likely I am to improve. No-one is perfect!