Figured out that there was probably one Premier Qualifier for the league that I could do a night, 8pm my time so popped into that game.



Only managed to play a few hands before stacking off with KK vs AA so that was fun


Qualifier League puts me at rank 1019 which puts me right towards the bottom but after 1 game with a quick loss, what do you expect


Overall last night came out profit, $130 going in, 19 games (including the qualifier) to put me at $148 (so +$18 for the night)


I did as I said, took notes of my game to build a sample of 100 x $1.50 Turbo and 100 x $1.00 regular, all 45 man games.

So far looking good but obviously a much larger sample size needed


I realized when doing this that I shouldn't be looking at pure $$$ wins since I am playing two different buyins, I should be looking at a calculation that adjusted the $1.50 wins to balance against a $1.00 payout structure since I am looking to compare the STYLE of game rather than the exact $$$ wins.


$1.50 game (highest cash was 1 x first at $19)

Played 10, average time of 39 minutes per game, average position of 21/45 and average cash of $2.27 per game, (adjusted to $1.52 against $1 game comparison) with 2 cashes overall. That puts my ITM at 20% and gives me an hourly rate of $3.45 (adjusted to $2.31 against $1 game for comparison)


$1.00 game (highest cash was 1 x first at $12.73)

Played 8, average time of 72 minutes per game, average position of 13/45 and average cash of $2.44 per game with 2 cashes overall. That puts my ITM at 25% and gives me an hourly rate of $2.03


There is a good and bad side Turbo's

Yes, you are playing shove games sooner however so is everyone else so if you can double up, plenty of others will lose out and you get the FT quicker.

Getting to an FT for a 45 man game (where top 7 pay) in regular speed is a very patient game where you have to balance ICM vs recklessness a little but overall the amount of time it will take to get rid of the first few seats to get ITM takes awhile.

In Turbo, you did the hard job outlasting the field of 36 others, a few orbits (or even one) can see an FT on a Turbo go from 9 people to 4-5. Everyone is short compared to the blinds and as long as you didn't come to the FT with a few chips, you are in a position to wait for a good enough shove stop rather than needing to get it in immediately.


As well, I don't feel in $1 stakes that people play well in Turbos. They aren't able to understand how to fold since their VPIP is quite big and not a lot of tight players in these. Perhaps its because tight players (especially NITs) can't keep up with Turbo for their 10% VPIP so they don't even enter?

I have good enough short stack skills that this doesn't bother me, sure Turbo's are high variance but not because im a bad turbo player, just because its more luck dependant than normal.


People in Turbo's will shove any two to steal, will 5-bet all in shove with rags and overall play a very LAG style which isn't weighted with any ability to fold. 

My #1 win in the Turbo had a very easy Headsup. Opponent was only visible to me when we were 3 handed, didn't notice him until that point much. He was entering every pot, min betting into big pots and shouting at #3 that he was lucky when he kept outflipping him and sticking around.

It did go HU with this fish, 2 hands into HU he bets into me where I hold as a 4x. I his raise to make it 8x, he shoves and I call thinking he at least had an Ax hand. I gave him too much credit.

He shows up with and although he did catch a Q on the flop, I turned the A to take it down. Thankfully he wasn't rewarded for such a bonehead play.


Now, don't get me wrong - you don't have to have the right cards to make plays. All in shoves with rags as a line to take if you are confident your opponent would fold is one thing, this is not the line taken by this player.

First of all, even with it being a Turbo, I was playing quite Tight. He couldn't have known I would have AK as it was very top of my range but he should have known I am not raising into him with Jx (which he beats) and 22/33/44 are probably inside my raising range but its unlikely they are in my range to call a shove.

He put himself in a position of extreme danger to steal hoping I would fold or just not caring either way. Any two cards for him looked worthwhile.


Be aggressive, be very aggresive and to some point ignore your cards when doing so but the one rule when playing this way is that you have to know when to fold. ATC aggression works fine as long as you never need to show those cards. You have no showdown equity and are banking purely on fold equity.


I think I am over analyzing this guy, he was spewy and not much skill there to judge if it was good skill move to take that line.


So, #1 day of this trial done, played 10 games of $1.50, 8 games of $1.00 and that puts me 1/10th of the way to completing my analysis, with profit as well


My adjusted hourly rate is around the same, so these games so far seem to be almost 1:1 in cash so there is not much incentive to play Turbo's yet. the ACTUAL hourly rate is 30% higher but its not an apples vs apples comparison so further sample size is needed...


I feel my bankroll right now is the strongest it has ever been, so is my play. I feel I am deep in a tournament with a big stack and although i want to continue to play strong and improve, I am not willing to make stupid mistakes to lose it all. Protecting the big stack whilst building it, thats the trick