Started out in my new BR bracket of $2.50 games last night.

Overall for the night I broke even, however wasn't happy with the quality of registrations for the 90-man $2.50 game. It took so long to get one game and then the second that I can't see it being feasible on a regular evening session that I can play this since I cant play enough games to keep me interested.

So, based on that I looked at what other games there are.

It looks like as you go higher in stake, unless you are willing to wait around, the only games filling up are Turbos.

I don't see a massive value in moving from $1.00 to $1.50 Turbos for the 45-man, other than to increase my hourly rate... because Turbo's take half the time.

So from a variance point of view, if i can play 10 games and cash 3, for turbo i would play 20 and cash 6.. if I can keep to that performance, its a good move.


So, no way to find that out without some testing.

Tonight I will do that.


No cash games for awhile or MTTs whilst I come up with some research on these games. I will also put on hold any moving stakes whilst doing this test.


So, I want to play 100 games of both $1 45-man regular and $1.50.

In each I will record the time spent in each tournament, the finishing place and the ROI.

I expect the exercise to take me a week (or perhaps two)


At the end of it, I will have a concrete sample size of an hourly rate I make in both of these game types and use that to determine which game to play. Since I may need to rely on Turbo games for game availability in the future, I need to work out that I can make profit in them (and build them in) or completely steer clear of them as currently I have a "feeling" that I can't play them profitably compared to regular games but need some stats to go off.