Didn't he do well?


Had quite a deep run in a specific tournament whilst also picking up some min cash wins in the few $1 sit and go games and an Ante-Up MTT game as well (getting $1.54 for a $0.55 buy in). In these, I mostly broke even.

Then came the $1.10 Bounty Builder. Late Reg'ed getting in just before registration closed on the 6574 field. As you can expect from Bounty games with a progressive bounty structure, the play was very agro. Everyone wanted a chance to knock you out and if you had the misfortune of a small stack, blood is in the water and everyone wants to take you on.

The good news is, they often do so with very weak hands. The idea is letting them weak call you either as all in or to the flop, and if to the flop watching them show bottom pair to your TPTK / Overpair or better and taking the double up in your stride.

The rules for 10BB shove play don't apply as much. You want to be thinking about shoving the same way you do when short in any other tournament but the hand selection needs to be much stronger and you are willing to see your stack drop down to even a few BB if needed to get that hand selection.

The reason for this is that the shorter you get, the easier it is for people to collect your bounty and the more likely they will call you with any 2 cards, so you can't hope for collecting folds for blinds, your hand has to have showdown value and you sometimes have to wait to get it.


Like any MTT, you are relying on a number of all-in gambles, some are straight flips and others rely on some luck for sucking out but in the bounty games, you are dominating pre-flop in an all-in a lot more than you would expect, providing you have a good shove range.



My end result out of the 6574 field?  8th.

2nd hand into the FT I got , raised UTG but didn't get more than a flop fold.

3rd hand, and I don't know if it was down to needing to sleep (it was 3am, I wasn't falling asleep tired but I was a bit drained) or misreading the table but there was an All-in shove mid position, button shoves over to play for anyone elses chips and I call for all my chips.

At this point I was about 6/8 in chips, about 30BB and whilst this isn't a terrible move considering how loose some of these guys are with their calls, against 2 I was raising aces no doubt (I went in after I commited to it as underpair and AK as the race) turned out as AJ vs AK vs QK and turned the Ace.

This KQ call plays better vs 1 opponent, I am either crushed behind AK/AQ and am racing for the live card to hit or I am flipping against an underpair.  It was a judgement call to go vs 1, but vs 2 I am a lot more likely to be behind and in retrospect could have waited for a better spot.

I don't think the previous AA hand not paying off had an impact, I think it was down to fatigue and misreading the situation. 


All in all however, I scored $62.82 in prize and bounties for a $1.10 stake, great win and combined with other action, it puts me on around $133 bankroll and immediately puts me into my NEXT PLAN bracket for moving to $2.50 games, so that should be interesting!


This is probably the first deep run for a +1000 field I have had in a long time, my last was a 70,000 field freeroll that i scored a FT cash as well however that was a lot more scared money nervous play.

This wasn't as much, aside from the KQ call, my entire game and even going to the FT was not playing on nerves at all. It felt right I was there, like I deserved it and I didn't feel any tilt coming from the pressure of a big FT score.


All it does do is give me the appetite to get some more deep runs So I will keep on the MTTs, however I am no longer going to play these during the week. 8 hours and a 3am closing on my win (4-5am if I had gone all the way) and work the following day means I am shag tired today and don't feel this is a smart way to play MTTs going forward because I am more likely to play for ITM so I can close the game out and sleep.

So, for MTTs, I will stick to smaller fields that can close well within my available time to play during the week and perhaps save my buyins for a larger game (perhaps x3 / x4 my buyin) at a weekend to consolidate my effort in a timescale that I can afford the right play to.


Tonight, I will start out with the 90-man $2.50 games and some $5 cash games (1 rebuy). Since this is the largest buyin for a SNG that I will have played to date as part of a daily schedule, although I have budgeted for 10 games, I will take it slow for the time being and play 5 games at a time. This doesn't mean I won't play 10 games, all it means is that I won't burn through registering for games one, after the other, after the other without assessing my performance. Instead I will play 5 games, wait for them to close out before registering any more, if I still have the time.

Just for now mind you, see how it goes as whilst I am comfortable giving myself a variance range of $75+ for these games and have a good 23 buy ins available to me, I don't want to burn through 10 of them and get 0 wins, look down at the balance and see just shy of $100 and wonder where it went.

This doesn't mean I am going to look at 10 games with no wins and think I have done something wrong, that is variance however It is better for me to address a leak in my play after 5 games than it is after 10, where had I corrected a mistake earlier I would have saved myself 5 buy ins.


The core thing for me right now is that my bankroll is the biggest it has ever been. It would be very easy for me to stick it all into a few large stake games, see myself get mowed down by high skilled opponents and go and cry about how I have poor bankroll management.

The plan here is to see these wins be the foundation for my future poker life. I want to be playing $10 games with a $1000 bankroll and coming away from a session with $50 which I can cash out and start improving my take-home.

At present, I am a far away from that I am in no rush this time around, the games I play don't even qualify for minimum wage but it is setting the foundation from a skill and bankroll point of view to get there eventually.