So, part of my game involves cash and I have decided on Zoom for this.

I know its higher variance however it plays strongly into my hand selection and post-flop play that I am working a system of being speculative with Ax (suited) and pairs, whilst raising with T+, re-raising with AK and QQ+ and going to war with AA only.

My go to war was wider with AK and QQ+ but have lost a few hands playing yesterday where Aces always show up here, because its Zoom, and people wait for Aces.

I lost two hands with AK and its always KK or AA I am up against. Very few people in Zoom are going to war with less than AA that there isn't enough of an edge when they don't to be avoiding doing so yourself.


I find I play well in Zoom, most people are folding all but top hands but there are enough fish in the levels I play ($0.01 / $0.02) to give me the occasional opportunity to shine.

Anytime we start playing for a big pot, I am always ahead and although I am not being too nitty waiting for the absolute nut set, I am always looking at the nut straight/flush. Set over set happens a lot less frequently in Zoom compared to flush over flush or the wrong end of the straight.

I am believing a flush a lot more in a big pot when I have two pair / set than I would in a MTT or regular cash game, bluffing likely does exist in Zoom but it seems most people who know how to bloat a pot properly (rather than acting as calling station) are the ones who can hand read well enough to know when they have the best hand.


I think the key when playing speculatively is going into the hand knowing what you want to hit. It's fine mining a flush with if you know that the flush is your goal, not top pair so if you hit an ace - play a small pot but when the price goes up you get out. A flush mine has the advantage of hitting two pair once in awhile to punish TPTK.

Same goes with a set. Its easy to start calling flop/turn bets when you have 88 and the board is showing JT9, you now have 2 outs + 8 outs - thats 20% to improve with the right pot odds, time to draw? --- depends, pot odds are a good idea to judge this but it also gets you into a messy spot since you can end up going off plan and then calling a river bet with your 88s with the thought "nah... i don't think he played AK to the river until the Ace showed there" and blowing it.


Have a plan and stick to it.

Such as "I am only opening ATo in the button if its folded to me" then you get one raise and decide to call. Thats off plan and you may hit a nice hand but this type of behaviour is tilty and reward yourself with a pat on the back and fold