Started out with my bankroll builder project today. Good play, no leaks and win win win


First, the deposit - I start with $23.33.

Next, set my variance.

I have setup a tier of games I am going to play and which range. This roughly works out as dropping down a tier when I have 25 BI (regular) or 50 BI (turbo).

IE, since 25c regular games mean 25 BI = $12.50, I am free to play the next tier until I reach this point, at which I have to switch

I will avoid playing Turbo games too much, the occasional one is fine but overall they are not good for my play style.

Also, I will not jump tiers just because my Bankroll says I can, I will try the water at the higher stake game to see if I can play it well enough and if not, keep where I am

My tiers are as follows :

10c Turbo or 25c Regular at Tier 1, play from $0.00 and drop down to this tier at BR of $12.50

50c Turbo or $1 Regular at Tier 2, play from $12.51 and drop down to this tier at BR of $25.00

$1.50 Regular at Tier 3, play from $25.01 and drop down to this tier at BR of $37.50

$2.50 Regular at Tier 4, play from $37.51 and drop down to this tier at BR of $62.50

$3.50 Regular at Tier 5, play from $62.51 and drop down to this tier at BR of $87.50


So with a starting roll of $23.33, I am in Tier 2 and will play a mix of 45 man and 180 man games. The 180 man games are long, final table is a good 4-5 hours in so mostly will play 45 man unless i have a good amount of time to spare (not too late, or ill fall asleep)


I had some things to do today at home, painting a fence (grin) so wanted to squeeze some games in before I started that. So likely the first round wasn't going to be an extensive session.


Game #1 - $1.00 - 45-man regular speed game

-- Finished 28/45, Ax and shoved, opp called with nothing and improved

Game #2 - $1.00 - 45-man regular speed game

-- Finished 26/45, UTG, raised and called by SB with a flop of - - . Opp donk bets, I raise and he calls. Turn is opp checks, SPR is about 1:1 for me now so I shove and opp calls. Shows and catches on the river. With 3 outs, and around a 6% chance of beating me there I had to shrug it off. He had top pair and wasn't scared of the Ace.

Game #3 - $1.00 - 180-man regular speed game

-- Finished 1/180 for a cash of $49.26. The game deserves its own blog entry so I will followup with that soon but suffice to say, I was around 40/60 to my opponents favor in chips going into Heads Up, worked it up to about 47/53 in his favor by the time I was dealt AK.

FLOP : Two Pair, Aces and Kings - 66% pot bet

TURN : Full house now with another king, no slow play here as I have a good amount of chips that need to go in to build this pot if I want max value, so another 66%

RIVER : Full house and absolute nuts, no way I can lose and although there is a temptation here to act weak and induce a re-raise or do something tricky, its all going in as he either has something good like a King or the case Ace, even a pair of 3's but I wouldn't want to let him off cheap. 

Futhermore, if he does fold, it puts me in a good chip advantage going forward but more importantly, he knows I can steamroll right over him. He may put me on the nuts or not, either way he is more likely to have an emotional reaction to the position he is in and will be more likely to give me MORE or LESS credit for action I give him going forward, something I can exploit.


So... good few games, a #1 is always a good thing, especially when it improves a bankroll so much. 

This now puts me on $69.77 and in theory I could start playing the $3.50 games by own variance rules however as I have only really ever played $1.50 games to some amount, I don't want to screw up my bankroll on games I am not used to. That $69 could easily become $20 again if I start playing those games and tilting myself towards the door.


Likely, I will move up to the $1.50 games, the 27-man games there are quite good. Regular speed so it plays good to my style and a quick FT turnaround to allow me to cover more games in more time (AKA a big reason why people like Turbos, not as much waiting around).


Next post will be an analysis of some key hands in my 180 man game. Hopefuly it can provide some insight to others as well as allow me to learn through explaining it, what I did right to get where I did. Rinse and repeat, right?


Thanks for reading and see you soon.