I  haven't blogged in awhile and I thought to myself... Why am I not blogging, why should I blog and what do I get out of blogging?



Why am i not blogging?



I have a lot going on with work, home and rarely even get to play as much any more. I have also improved my game quite a bit so the cathartic blogging that I do to remind myself not to be such a tool... that isn't as much of a need.


Why should I blog?

I have just written up a couple of blogs today and its reminded me of the theraputic benefits of blogging about a subject. You can express yourself, possibly few people read it but after writing it, you have made a change in your own mind and self. Perhaps you recommit yourself to a certain poker matra, perhaps you vent a frustration and can now un-tilt yourself... whatever the benefit, I can not think of a single time I have/would write a blog and come away thinking - That was a waste of time


Even if you blog just to post your stats for the day, its a nice way to rubber stamp your progress and say to the world "I am here, I matter and here is what I think" as it can reward you with a number of emotions or feelings that even on a sub-concious level, improve your attitude.


What do i get out of blogging?

I think i mentioned it above, I get a feel of empowerement from blogging.. if i make a mistake and tell about it, I am recognizing it and helping myself improve. If i do something well (win a game perhaps) then by talking and blogging about it, I give myself a pat on the back and remind myself that "THIS" is what winning feels like and try to replicate that success again.


Blogging should be MORE about you and LESS about your audience

If you don't get anything out of it, you won't keep to it.. there has to be a good reason for you to blog and unless at the end of it you can say that by doing it, you made good use of the time spent... don't bother


I recommend blogging to anyone within the community, even if it is just a thought or two, because whilst I can't guarantee it will make you feel better, i'd be surprised if it doesn't