I wanted to talk about something not exactly connected to Poker but to open myself up a bit.


I love Poker


I also love Dungeons & Dragons


I find the creativity of Dungeons & Dragons, the in-depth storylines, the endless possibilities and the social gameplay to be extremely vibrant.


I have met few D&D fans who also like Poker and vice versa. They seem quite different types of people but in some ways very very similar.

Poker can really be a similar setting but an inverse experience.

You are sat at a table (the same) playing a game (the same) getting involved in random opportunities (the same)

All people at the table are competing with each other (not the same) when a player loses they are forced to leave (not the same) the reward for winning is money instead of fun (not the same)


I could spend the next 2 hours explaining the fun that D&D brings.

For me, I DM more than I play (DM means I run the game, rather than play in it) and whilst this isn't something a lot of people enjoy, it gives me control over the world and storyline which is the creative outlet for me. I still get to play as the monsters and non player characters so that is fun too.

If you want to see D&D games in action, checkout youtube - there are plenty on there. I recommend the Aquisitions Incorporated games as they are well televised and done to an audience so the stage-play is quite funny



What I would recommend for anyone else who wants to blog or already blogs is introduce something different about you that no-one may know, nothing to do with Poker and put up a few paragraphs about it. We are a community and if all we have to talk about is Poker then thats a bit 1-dimensional isn't it!