OK, I was going to put a big vent post up, raging on how fishy fish are so fish but calmed down a bit since I went to type.


Recently, I have been crushing the 90-man SNGs at the $1.50 BI.

I looked at an entire weekly performance and I came out at about $190 profit, so approx 126 BI over a week. Pretty good!

Then i looked at what diluted some of that profit, what i was spending money on that had little return.




Now, an MTT is a lot higher variance than a Sit & Go, mainly because the depth you need to reach to see the big money is a lot closer.

I have done the maths on a previous post the idea is that you can grind for twice as long (say 6 hours instead of 3) just to bubble the Final Table and walk away with about 5x your BI

This is because all prize pool is skewed to the Final Table and specifically the top 3 spots.

All the money is held there.



So for me... my variance shows that I make far more profit playing vs 89 other people rather than 999 other people. And in principle, if I can win 126 BI per week (about 18 BI per day) then for the MTT vs SNG arrgument to pay off, I need to catch the same payoff.

And that is the rub...

I feel that the variance on the MTTs is so vast that I would need a much wider time period to truly see a ROI.

Would I need to play them for 3 months and bink a big #1?


I don't know... all I do know is that over the past few months I have only seen 1 or 2 big MTT wins, and I say big because im still not hitting big ticket money, im just seeing a big boost to my BR because of the winnings i got... still nothing really



So I can winge and moan about fish catching cards that leave me with hours of wasted tight and strong play... but i'll leave that part out (mostly)

I just need to focus on what makes me money


MTTs arent making me money

SNGs ARE making me money


So my focus is on the SNGs until I can improve my BR enough that playing MTTs doesn't hurt so much and I can incorporate the massive variance into my gameplan without feeling like I am chasing my tail.


In conclusion, the key here for me is to focus and put effort into what works and to stick what doesn't work on the back burner. Come back to it later when I can focus on it more.

Ultimately, I feel angry and frustrated with an MTT loss (specifically when its well played going in and get sucked out on) x10 more than i do with an SNG loss, in fact when I lose in an SNG i rarely get miffed, i just fire up another one.


SNGs are making me money, ill play them and leave the MTTs to another day