I haven’t updated my Blog in awhile, been very busy and thought it was worth an update.



My game has been really solid since I started committing to my strong, tight game.
I have been playing 90-man $1.50 KO games, mixing in some MTTs and Progressive KOs.

The MTTs and PKOs are mostly a wash, no real strong cashes (aside from one, which I will go into below) and its more playing to get that deep run which is a matter of variance and playing often enough, well enough to catch it.

The 90-man KOs though, storming it!
The key for me is to keep playing and completely ignore the fact that its a KO game. If calling light would be stupid in a regular game but you think your J9s is enough to cash in on the 10BB shorty because you want his bounty… then you are playing wrong.

The bounties are good, they can boost your earnings and the times you don’t make an FT, but still catch some bounties or the large bounties you get from grinding to a #1 finish make up for the suckouts you get that are unavoidable, as we can’t win them all.

I have gone from being about $250 down over the course of a 2 month period playing a series of cap games and SNGs to being now $100 behind after playing 2 weeks of these games.

Last week I caught a 4 day stretch where my average profit was $30 per day, and considering I am working off around 10 BI per day max, thats about 200% ROI

Remaining tight, playing well and waiting for opponents to shove at you when you have AA and all they have is AK or a lower pair. It is very rare in these games that I bust early, I FT a lot and when I hit the final table, getting top #3 and #1 is not hard.

As long as you know when to fold if you are behind and know when to get value in when you are ahead, then you can clean up in these games.

I also think that another of my changes was my 3-bet sizing.
Until recently, I was x2 on my 3-bet’s both pre and post flop. I was giving opponents the right price (at least for them) to take a flyer with a weaker hand and add to my variance.

After all, when you have AA, you want a big pair to be calling you so that at least if the flop comes 8-5-3 you aren’t afraid of a set since 33/55/88 are going to fold. You are likely up against AK or a high pair and you can control your opponents range more when you raise better.

My 3-bet sizing is x3, no matter and it works. I get some people folding (good for me because although AA wants to get paid, getting 5BB and no risk of loss is always nice) but if they do call, or better 4-bet then I know that across 100 identical spots, I am getting the max value from my opponent and controlling their range going into the flop.

You would be surprised at what a 4-bet range is in these games. I would say 1 in 10 is QQ vs KK/AA or KK vs AA and most likely QQ-AA vs a weaker pair or sometimes AK.

On this basis alone, I can’t fold QQ/KK to a 4-bet because whilst it is possible they have AA, its more likely they have less and im +EV by playing them strong. I just really don’t get the 4-bet range these guys play where at 30BB they are willing to stack off with 55.

Lastly, yesterday was a bit up and down for most of the day.
Some min cashes, only a couple of FT wins (one of them #2) and my starting BR of $40 was up and down until late in the evening after busting from the storm and a few other games, I got back to $40.

One of the games I was playing was the $4.40 Progressive Super KO. An interesting game where, whilst being patient I was able to pickup bounties and DU with AA and KK when my opponents just wanted to get it in with a lower pair.

The field size was 4700~ and I managed to survive until 19th. Along with bounties I managed to score about $45 in winnings, a GREAT result but unlucky I couldn’t get to an FT finish, so close but for the hour prior to my bust I was flipping dramatically between 5-20BB and the blinds were so choppy that the swings were scary.

I am really happy with how I played, missed a possible reshove spot with 99 at about 40 left but to get to 19th in such a large field is great for me and I will look to build on that scoring more deep runs in the future.

So starting at $40, ending at $85, nice profit for the day. Eating into my makeup and soon I will be back to black.

These 90-man games seem to be my jam, getting 1 or 2 decent wins a night is good for me and will keep playing these whilst I grind down my makeup and build a bit of a bankroll.

Now if only i can get a PSO bracelet, 2nd is the closest I have come and really want that bling!!



Next post I am waiting until I hit a #1 game, I will post some hand history here, nothing too involved just a summary of the hands I am folding, hands I am raising with and analysis of any pots I play. I'll try and keep it summarized to make it an easy read, see how it goes

Won't play tonight so be a day or so before I can update that