Last week was a good result for me

I improved my game, instituted key changes to my style and gameplay.

The end result was some FT finishes in my cap games, one of them a 2nd and other a 4th

I improved my ITM rate and overall cash vs buyin ratio

I also got a stake to play the $27 football fever flight game, won a place into the 2nd phase.. I am sitting on about 10'bb and I predict we could have 30k runners with about 4k paid, The interesting thing is that I ended at about 50% of the field suggesting 10bb was average. If this holds sway in the 2nd phase, then if I can score a quick double up then as half of the field peels off I am only about 2 hours from the money... Just need to play a good game and let the results take care of themselves


looking for an equally good week this week, I have a good amount of downswing from May to make up for, I would be happy to chip into it this month, perhaps even wipe it out..

 We will see




good thoughts, good feelings