OK, there is no Maybe about it, "May" was a bad month for me.

There is a difference between playing bad and being unlucky, and I feel that I was on the playing bad side of that line.

I didn't play obviously bad, it was just small chips in my game that meant an overall lesser chance of getting a good finish in my tournament games. Since the margin of failure is so high in tournaments, even a small edge is vital.


I thought long and hard about there being a specific factor of my game that was poor and when it came down to, impatience was the word I used to describe my play.


Eager to play more hands than I should

Eager to get it in when short regardless of the spot

Basically.. over-eager to force the action and being on the rough end of the stick more often than not.


After all, if I have to show all my bust-hands and they are filled with, AJ+, broadway combinations, Suited Connectors, low pairs as well as the obvious high pairs and AKs --- there is a liklihood that my play is quite forced and I am putting myself in 70/30, 60/40 spots being on the wrong side of the fence.

However if my bust-hand list is big pairs and AK, there is a lot more liklihood that I am suffering variance.


So just under a week into June and how am I doing for June?

-- Very well.

I have really tightened down the issues of my game I was unhappy with, I am being VERY patient and playing smart, risking it right when needed and folding.. folding is the important bit. Not commiting when I have room to fold.


Lots of time to turn things around and June is still far ahead