I haven't been blogging much recently for the following reasons :

1) My work office has suddenly started filtering poker content from web browsing meaning PSO is blocked, so no blogging whilst on break

2) My PC crashed, it went through a Windows Update and basically didn't come back, I needed to reinstall it which was fun!

3) I have been priortizing life over poker a bit more, playing a bit less but being focused in the games I play


I have been mainly focusing on the 55c cap games, i find the starting stack, level speed and softness to be very playable, grinding those out as I can.

I have also started dabbling in the non-NLHE games via the freerolls. Why now? Well when I reinstalled Pokerstars (lol my priority with my PC reinstall was firefox install #1, pokerstars download #2!! hehe) I noticed that my filters were gone and the non-NLHE games were showing up and started to think... i hate not knowing how to play some of these games.

With a smaller field than the Hubble game, softer opponents and a muche easier chance of winning a Weekly Round ticket, I thought it was worth some time. Its free of course and as I play, I may pickup more skill in the draw and low games.


Played Badugi for the first time today after reading about it, its quite a thinker of a game.

Its a nice change of pace from the NLHE games. No ticket yet but quite close several times.

It doesn't hurt learning these so when the ISOP games run, some of those games are non-NLHE and I don't want to be too rusty.


I am reminding myself how much fun limit can be. The pot control factor is a lot calmer than NLHE and since the levels rise just as much as they do in regular tournaments, you don't have to fear about growing your stack but its more likely you will grow it slowly rather than getting quick DUs


Hoping to get a bracelet this year in the PSO series of poker games, havent played them before and the leaderboard prizes look nice.. fingers crossed


Feeling good about my game, feeling less like I have something to prove and more than I just play my game