I love playing Poker.. however it can sometimes (read : all-the-time) get in the way of life.

I will play Poker instead of doing my household chores and the result is that these jobs build up and get ignored because... i just made an FT!

Worse is that I end up neglecting my family (wife and pets, have no children!).. not in a dramatic way but by putting playing the game above being a family. Its just a bit crap when you look at it like that.


So what do I do? I love playing Poker - its a lot of fun, I enjoy it and I feel I am good at it and need to keep working at it. I am sure there is a level of addiction involved as well.


I need to control my life and not allow my life to control me.

The end result is that I will probably play a little less Poker but it should feel just as enjoyable because I am putting a priority over the important things in life and Poker last.