Getting into a full tournament (specifically the Hubble Freeroll and similar Freeroll tournaments) is next to impossible once it is full, sure people drop out but who can be that fast in registering considering there could be 10s or 100s of people looking to do the same thing.




The method below would work for any freeroll but the Hubble one seems to lose 1 player once full a few times a minute, haven't seen many other freerolls do the same and can only think that there is some kind of auto-unregister-on-exit toggle some of these players have when they quit the client.


You will not be fast enough to register the last spot from the time you notice it to the time it takes to confirm and beat out other players looking to do the same thing.

Here is the method that I have used and it works the vast majority of the time.


When you see one player drop out, click register but don't click confirm on the window that pops up asking if you are sure, just leave it there. Someone will take the spot but that is OK, we were never going to get that one.

Now the spot is gone but the window is still up.. this is what we want. The client isn't smart enough to dismiss the box we have open once the tournament is full and now we are just 1 click from getting into the tournament once another spot comes free.


So the next step is we depress the OK button, the graphic should show a shaded button that looks like we pressed it but we hold our action there. The second we release our mouse button the client will check to see if there is a spot open, if there isn't then we are back to square one.

We now keep our eagle eye on the lobby screen and the second the tournament loses a player, we release our mouse button.

Unless you lag or there is someone doing the exact same thing, you are very likely to have pushed right to the front of the queue and will get that last spot.




P.S. I just used this today for like the umpteenth time and thought it was a gem of knowledge worth sharing.