... says the little devil on my shoulder, and he continues

"You have a lot to learn, why are you so keen to advise others.. your game is floating around the micro stakes and you still have leaks in your own game. You suck"


OK, maybe I am being very hard on myself but I do have a bit of a gob on me and am very willing to express my opinions, especially when answering questions from others posed in the PSO forums.

It is one thing to be vocal about your own game, strategies and tactics but it is another to comment on other peoples without a strong frame of experience and wisdom to draw from.


I have decided to wind my neck in a bit and focus on my own game and worry less about other peoples, especially if there are better suited people to offer advice than me.


Perhaps in the future with some experience behind me I can offer advice but I need to recognize my place, I am still learning myself and need to improve before I can tell others how to improve.


To that vein I am going to focus on my own game and keep all of the comments I have directed right at myself