I am coming to the end of my Holdem Manager 2 trial.


I have already bled through Poker Tracker 4, so without going down another trial and another program, I am back to using my own eyes and tools to managing my game.

One factor I really enjoyed in HM2 was the graphs. I love graphs and find them easier to take in than 200+ individual results.

Since I am really a tournament player than a cash game player, the stats aren't that complicated to collate. I have done this using Excel.

The variables I am taking down are split into two types, Cosmetic and Metric.

Cosmetic are factors that won't show in a graph such as how I finish or the Tournament ID.

Metric are factors that will directly show in a graph such as Buy-in and Winnings


Each entry will be for a specific tournament


Here are a list of the Cosmetic variables

Tournament ID (the numerical ID for the tournament)

Name of Tournament (such as $2.20 Sunday Storm Satellite)

Place (such as 4/27 or 15,464/25,531)


Here are a list of the Metric variables

Buy-in (such as $2.20 or $1.50)

Bankroll (the value of my current bankroll starting the exercise)

Makeup (the value of my deposits made)

Date (the date the Tournament ran)

Winnings (the value of the cash award for the tournament)

VPP (the amount of VPP awarded for playing in the tournament)


I will also have running totals for these variables too, such as :

Bankroll (taking winnings and buy-ins into account)

Makeup (will remain constant since it isn't going to ever go down and can only go up if I have to reload - this would change if I plan to cash-out which isn't something I plan to do for awhile)

VPP & FPP (again running totals where the VPP won't ever go down but the FPP might if I cash in)

Profit (the difference between the Bankroll and the Makeup)


It will be the above variables (Bankroll, Makeup and Profit) that I will use for my graph.

I may also do one for VPP / FPP but haven't done anything yet. Whilst FPP can easily be translated into $1 : 100FPP (based on the 1000FPP : $10 cashout you can do), and this can be built into my profit, I want to leave it just now as a) I have more pressing concerns focusing on my regular numbers b) I am not earning more than a few of dollars worth of FPP to warrant attention.


I did all of the above in Excel and as I complete games I add to the data.

I am plotting a chart per month and then one over the running year.

So far for my May chart, I have played 220 games and the data looks quite interesting. It has some downswings and some upswings, it gives a clear indication of where my makeup/profit/bankroll figures are.

Profit is in a minus at the bottom of my chart

Makeup is a constant line at the top of my chart

Bankroll is a mirror of Profit in its up/down swings and sits inbetween my Makeup and Profit in the middle of my chart

I can see where my sweet spot will be, when my bankroll reaches my makeup line, I will be at break-even. I should then also see my profit above the $0 line too.


Really, I can ignore the Makeup line since if my profit is >$0 or <$0 then i will know where my makeup and bankroll are in relation to each other but personally, i find it a good visual for me, especially as I coloured it RED


I don't think this will dramatiaclly change my gameplan or play but I do think it will begin changing my mindset about my play and taking more responsible decisions when choosing which games to play, how many games to fit into a run, keeping disciplined with a firm stop-loss.

It puts things into perspective as instead of playing just one game at a time, you are seeing your past progress as a moving line and you start coming more and more to grips with the idea that this game we love is a marathon and not a sprint!