I came to a really strong realization yesterday and one that seems so obvious but really wasn't apparent to me as it should have been.

Playing well and winning are two seperate things that whilst appearing the same, are not. Whilst playing well is a means to winning more, one does not always equal the other.

By playing well you are not guaranteed to win and by winning it does not mean you played well.


I also realized that I played a good solid game this weekend, staying tight early levels and taking much less risks to protect my stack. I made plays that were smart (such as set mining or getting into hands with pairs but keeping good pot control). I then opened up more as the levels increased, began stealing when appropriate (rather than doing so too early) and being patient with my shove spots rather than being keen to get it in at early position or when my stack still had some breathing room.


I know I was playing better because I was instantly feeling a lot more comfortable with my play, didn't feel like I was out of control and moreover, I recognized that my play over the past week was not as good as it was this weekend. That isn't to say I was playing badly over the past week previous but it is to say that I knew I played better...


My roll needs some serious work, I feel that I might have forced things in games over the past few weeks, even whilst I saw some upswings, I look back and think that those could have been based on taking more risks than I should. - Look at me, complaining about playing a good game but this also comes back to my earlier premise : Playing well and winning are two seperate things

Just because I upswing, doesn't mean I am playing well.


So what do I do with this analysis?

Improve.. simple enough. Recognize that by playing well I am more likely to win more but also that by playing well I am not guaranteed to win. I need to remain patient both in my individual hands and games as well as my ongoing performance.

In poker I honestly believe that success comes from managing likelihoods.

If we have a hand that dominates 70% vs 30%, we are likely to win, but this is no guarantee however if we make strong plays using these good probabilities then it is much more likely we will win in the long run.

By playing well we are more likely to win, this is not guaranteed but it is more likely than not that we will improve by doing so.


My plan for this week is to improve my bankroll. I am in a minus right now (whilst still with a working bankroll) and feel that this will improve but most likely not over-night and I need to make small improvements day by day.

However if that doesn't happen, that is fine - no need to force it, just play well and aim to win.