I am not one to get into table talk, commenting on hands or getting into it. Online poker is often quite a solem affair and we rarely have any activity on the table, after all you wouldn't want to give a tell away right?


However on occasion I do like to mix it up and talk about a hand, I shouldn't really as it can often give more away about myself that way.


Today I had such an occasion, a Sunday Storm Sat, I had KK, flop comes 6-6-5, I am out of position and bet it 50% and opponent calls.

I decide that with the pair on the board and a 4 coming on the turn giving away possible straights, a check was fine here and I would play a small pot so I check the turn for pot control, opponent checks back.

Turn comes with a King, my plan doesn't change and I am happy to 50% the river, opponent calls with AQ and I take the pot.


The hand then gets discussed, my opponent says that he put me on Ace rag and thats why he called, we discussed the merits of that and after a bit of trash talk back and forth, I just say "always put me on KK, it will save you more money"


About 2 hands later, he gets it in with Ax where I forgot what, but his "x" was on the flop, AA calls him and the guy answers after the hand is over "always assume I have AA as well"

--- that was the bit that really made me smile, the villain had very bad hand reading and ran into a hand twice and both of us needled him on it.


I am not saying table talk should be encouraged, but once in awhile it is nice to get out of our grind mode and mix it up a bit...


A good while later, he knocked me out when he called my preflop raise with 94d, I had AK, 2 diamonds on the flop, with a King on the turn I was ahead but the river brought the Ace of diamonds and when it got in on the river, he showed a flush to out match my AK.. I am sure he felt that he did a good job, I was commited by the turn so I wasn't assuming flush on the river, feel fine with the play I made ---- but the needle of it being from the same guy made me smile!

Suppose thats Karma!