When you downswing, its hard. If you are good you are asking "what did i do wrong?" "where are my leaks?" "is it just luck?"


You take a look through your results, your plays and you think how can you improve.


When you upswing, its often easy to just say "I am the best, untouchable... i own all!!"

However unless it was pure luck and you kept sucking out over and over against better hands, chances are you are doing well because you are playing well.

THIS is the time you should be analyzing your play even more than when you lose.


If there are circumstances, factors or some kind of secret sauce to how you played well, harness it and find a way to repeat it.

Perhaps your trick was that you are playing a certain time of day, maybe its better for you because you are more refreshed.

Perhaps you multi-tabled more and that removed some of the itchy finger situation and you played tighter.


I find it very easy to see where I went wrong, I find it hard to see where I went right.

It is lightining in a bottle ladies and gents! - if we can figure out what factors improve our play and find a way to repeat them, we will be +EV all over the place.


I realized that my leaks came a good deal down to being aggressive in the wrong spots and over valuing my shove range in the wrong position. I spoke with my coach and he hammered home that I was still being too loose from where I was getting it in when short and misjudging the action.

I took that to heart and folded some marginal spots in my games today where I really would have turned up the volume previously.

Today I managed to score some nice cashes in my tournament games, against buyin I doubled up which is a lovely bit of profit to see.

I would say that overall, I only really sucked out once (getting it in with AJ vs AK and hitting a 4 flush) and some favorable flips but the improvement in my game was the difference I feel.


So now I just need to captalize on my wins and replicate them.