Bloody Boom!

I had some Boom hands but Boom was greyed out for a lot of the tables I played that I just couldn't rely on it, I thought about using a different replayer tool but didn't manage to.


I played the following games yesterday :

1 x 180-Man (buyin $1)

4 x Sunday Storm Satellite (buyin $2.20)

7 x 27-Man (buyin $1.50)


The 180-Man is to get me into the MTT mindset more, 3 hour investment, 15 min levels etc and whilst I want to cash strong, its purpose is training as well. As I only want to run 1, a Stop-Loss of  -1 is fine, should I cash enough that I can play more, great but otherwise stop once I can't make profit.

The SS Sats are a really good earner for me, with the right aggressive +EV tactics I can win a good 1 or 2 of these in a row and considering that you can run 5 of these for just 1 cash and break-even, its good ROI. I will run a Stop-Loss of -4, if I can win one then I can continue as long as I am not behind by more than 4 buyins.

The 27-Man games are a regular one for me, I have not been running well in, so i put myself down with a Stop-Loss of  -3.



I didn't fair in the 180-Man game, I got it in with QQ in mid levels and A5 called to bink an Ace and knock me out about 100 or so.

Sunday Storm Satellite

Didn't fair too well with these, in fact a couple I got knocked out early. I think I could have been tighter in the earlier levels because there were spots where I got a bet in and had to fold to a 3 bet and at that point of the game I really wasn't prepared to 4 bet and get it in (but my opponents were). I got close to tickets though, in both games where I did, both played out on the FT, I bubbled one and about +3 spots on the other.

I don't think I played badly on 2 of the games but think i could have played better on the other 2. I wish I had Boom hands to show on these and tonights games, i will be able to do so one way or another.


Whilst my Satty game dropped off, my 27-Man game was on fire. I finished the night after playing 7 games (could have played more but was a bit tired and it was a good point to stop) where I cashed 4/7 for an average of about #3 spots in the cashes I made.

This profit saved my run, brought me at just about $1 in profit against the $10 extra I spent on buyins for the other 5 satty/180-man games.


The biggest difference in my game is that I have started to realize my play could be a bit more nitty than tag. I would bet my strong hands aggresive but would only 3-bet, get it in and push if I had a monster. I didn't play my position strongly and in spots where I was representing a strong hand, I was willing to c-bet as standard, get called by a float and either a) shutdown and calling station if my hand wasn't a massive monster or b) fold to their turn bet on my check... even with a) I was still at risk of folding later in the hand for fear I was beat by scare cards.

I wasn't using the Triple threat of Aggression, Position and Selection - just Selection with a bit of Position and occasionally Aggression.

After all, being confident that your opponent only has a hand on the flop 30% of the time that looks strong, if you can represent the other 70% and can read the situation enough to know when they are 3/4 betting you with a hand rather than a counter to your aggression, its +EV in the longrun.


Another example was the re-steal.

I was always fearful of the earlier position raise, my hands just a middling pair, not worth challenging... So in that spot I was either folding, calling and folding the flop or calling and playing back when I hit, wherby the stealer would probably fold. So overall if I am hitting 30% of the time only, I am losing in that proposition 70% of the time and thats just spewing.

However, I wasn't playing on the fact that

a) My opponent might just be stealing

b) My opponent might like their hand but can't stand a re-raise

c) My opponent might like their hand, may call the re-raise but if their card doesn't hit will fold


I was not taking these opportunities at all and the concept is really working for me.

Unless my opponent is leveled enough to know that I am restealing and can counter, especially true in lower levels, most opponents will fit-fold and even if they do connect with a weak pair, may well fold to continued aggression.

The learning exercise for me is finding the spots where

a) The opponent will call bets no matter what, total fish betting bottom pair and I can't bluff them

b) The opponent that will come over you


The ones that fight back, they may be good players or just you got unlucky and they hit a monster but in either regard its worth noting down that they arent a target for your aggression (unless they prove otherwise later) and focus aggresion on other opponents.


Note taking for me is a vital part of my game now, much more so than it used to be.

Chances are I will see some of the SNG players again and if I have seen them shove 25BB into a raised pot or shove 40BB early levels with AK, perhaps they are a good steal target and will fold to a lot of steals, only calling on top hands... and of course the fish that calling station down an underpair with a straight and flush possible for their entire stack

- with this information I can adjust to them when playing headsup, knowing that for the real fish I need to have a good pair to combat them and for the rock that folds to my steals, I can't call any of his resteals without a monster preflop hand or good pot odds or risk having my hand chopped off.



The Shame Train didn't really get off to a good start, performance wise I am happy with break even today, its variance after all and I needed to improve in my 27-Man games more than win so its an overall win.

I hated that I wanted to show my hands (which is the whole purpose of writing these posts) and Boom wasn't co-operating. If it doesn't work tonight there are other options like weaktight etc that i can use.

I am using my education better, learning more about the issues in my play and realizing that if I can play aggression well and in the right spots, I will get people folding to my bluff/semi-bluff plays more than they will play back at me and by exercising proper pot control, I can keep my risk down on pair hands and bloat the pot on monsters.

Will plan playing the same format tomorrow, this time will have a lot more to report, even if I have to pull down the audit of the games to do so.