I have made a blog before about patience, it was awhile back but amazingly I need to remind myself and these blogs are a good way for me to put my words out there in a way that I will take the advice onboard as much as others might find it interesting.


Patience is a massive factor in poker.

It really is!!


I can be impatient sometimes so its important for me to fix this part of my game or I will spew chips and bust for no reason other than I got bored. I have improved this area a lot but there is the occasional spot where I break.


With TAG style, our play is dependant on the position, the player and the cards.

Preflop : We want the right holding, a good open spot, position on our opponent and the right opponent who we think will ship their chips to us

Flop : We want a limited field (1 opponent ideally), a nice flop for our hand and the right action from our opponent

Turn/River : We want our opponent(s) to play the right action for our hand and the pot we are playing


All of these things need to line up like the planets for us to get a big payoff but if we don't get all of them we can still play our hand (no real hand but good position or bad position but a monster)


We can't always get this though, a cooler is lovely but it happens infrequently enough that we will blind off if we wait for that spot.


So patience is all well and good but this isn't bingo, we can't wait for AA and be thinking our opponent will automatically stack off to us because we do.

It is very easy to get a strong hand like QQ-AA and then because we have been waiting so long for the cards we will ship it in on the flop/turn/river regardless of the action to us or the cards on the board...

... so we were patient enough to wait 20 hands to catch KK but we completely ignore the Ace on the flop and the strong action our opponent is giving us to bust at showdown when opponent shows A3o.

We might as well have waited 19 hands, get J5s and shove it in preflop because that is just as idiotic as over-valuing a strong hand after the flop.


So its not just patience in the preflop but patience in the postflop, patience in knowing that if we aren't ahead that we can bail and go back to our shell waiting for a better hand/spot.


I am not saying we should play NIT, we shouldn't be just getting involved with premium hands, on the button etc - all I mean is that when we do catch a spot to play after waiting so long, if just fire at it regardless of the player and the action then we might as well have just shoved 72o on the 1st hand of the tournament since it would actually be +EV over making the mistake later as we have wasted time playing that could have been taken up elsewhere.


Being patient is more than just waiting for the best hand, its the discipline to fold a good hand, take the small(er) loss and try again later.


Now, its all good writing this down - now I need to take it on board